Chris B programme for Laser Radio 22 April 2007 -  via Lithuania on 9710Khz Short Wave and Internet

Chris comments: "This is probably the slickest show I ever produced, and trust me I do not do slick! I figured that amongst the swirling sprogs and harmonics of short wave radio it might be advisable to speak clearly and deliberately. It seemed to work as the reception reports (below) included some fairly difficult titles such as Bulgarian Skin Mechanic. Top marks to Thomas in Germany for catching that title. Music choice ranged from the 60's folk of the rare Fat Angel from Donovan to the Zappa inspired electronica of the Swedish Mats/Morgan Band. I love incongruity and the ironic jingles are deliberately meant to sound slightly out of kilter with the general alternative music vibe ...Finally, many thanks to Andrew for allowing alternative music to be broadcast around the world. Will the ether ever recover? One also wonders what did the good folk in ShangDong Province in the Peoples Republic of China (see reception report) make of Prince Jazzbo and NIN?"
Courtesy of Laser Radio, listen again to this show

Mats Morgan Band-Coco
Prince Jazzbo-Mr Harry Skank
Scarlet Party-101 Damnations
Beatles-Yer Blues
Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity-Flesh Failures (Let The Sun Shine In)
Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores-Bulgarian Skin Mechanic
The Eels-Flyswatter
Loretta Lynn with Jack White-High On A Mountain Top
Donovan-The Fat Angel
Ben Harper-Better Way
Sly & The Family Stone-Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
I Monster-Back Seat Of My Car
The Divine Comedy-Geronimo
Nine Inch Nails-Head Like A Hole
Driveby Truckers-Sinkhole
The Sundays-Here's Where The Story Ends

Reception reports (22.04.07):

Hi there!

Unfortunately I had only time to listen to your wonderful music programme on
SW 9.710 kHz between 1330 and 1400 UTC on Sunday, 22. April 2007.
I copied you with SINPO 55534 with my AOR AR-7030 and ALA1530S+ here in
Norderstedt, Germany (5 km north of Hamburg). Brilliant signal with only a little fading.

Some details on the Programme:
*     Beatles               -          
*                         -     "Let the sun shine"
*     Accordeon and Fiddle Music - unfortunately I didn't understand the
*     The Eels               -     Flyswatter
*     Loretta Lynn          -     High on the mountain top
*     Donovan               -     Fly Translove Airways
*     Sly & the Family Stone     -     Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
*     I Monster               -     The backseat of my car
*     Divine Comedy          -     Geronimo
*     Nine Inch Nails          -     Head Like A Hole
*     Drive by truckers          -     Sink Hole
*     Sundays               -     Here's Where The Story Ends

1430 s/off

I must admit, that I listened to Laser Radio for the first time today - and
I haven't heard such nice music in years.
I am sick of all this commercial mainstream being played on all the local
stations.  So Laser Radio is a phantastic alternative I discovered today!
I would very much appreciate if you could acknowledge my reception report!
Joachim Rabe

Just a quick note to say that I've been hearing the Laser Radio programme in
the test broadcast on 9710 kHz today, 22 April, from 13.00 UTC onwards (I
was out and unable to listen before that. Signals are excellent; it's just
like hearing a local station. This reception is continuing as I type the

I'm located between Avallon and Saulieu, about 230 km south-east of Paris.

I'm using a good receiver (Japan Radio NRD 535D) but an inefficient antenna
(a few metres of wire around the ceiling of my room). The antenna doesn't
seem to have any negative effects on the reception.

It seems to be traditional to mention some identifying programme details in
a report of reception, so I should say that musical items I heard today have
included "Nobody's perfect" by Mike and the Mechanics at 13.21 UTC, "There's
got to be a better way" by Ben Harper at 14.01, a piece by the ancient group
Sly and the Family Stone just after that, and a song announced appropriately
as "Here's where the story ends" at 14.26, just before the scheduled end of
the broadcast.

Thanks for the efficient presentation (announcements with details of the
songs - seems rather unusual these days on "unofficial radio" stations) and
the choice of music.
I hope that this comment about reception pleases you.
I'll send it to your email address rather than SMS to +7875 *****- I can
write a more detailed report of reception that way.

John Campbell 

Dear friends at,

My name is Thomas Voelkner, I am from Germany, and I live in a small town in
the western part of the country, not far away from the border to Belgium and
Luxembourg. I am very interested in international radio, and I have repeatedly
listened to various broadcasters from around the world, which includes private
radio projects and free radio stations. Traditionally, I have been tuning
into radio stations via short wave, but over the past years I have been
developing an interest in satellite radio and internet live-streams as well.

Today I am writing to you because I was able to pick up the signal of
yesterday's shortwave programme from on 9710 kHz. I listened to the
final hour and enjoyed some really quirky tracks. For example, I never heard
that version of "Let the Sunshine in" before. It was really nice and very funky!

I remember I heard your station a couple of years ago when you were
broadcasting on SW a bit more often. Maybe there is a chance to have your shows back
more regularly. Otherwise I will of course try your internet stream.

I hope you will find my little reception report helpful. I am not sure if you
do perhaps send out your own electronic or paper QSL confirmation. If yes, I
would like to receive one. Thank you very much for your efforts!

Again, it was very interesting to hear your programme. I send you many
greetings and hope to be able to tune in some time again!

Thomas Voelkner


From: Thomas, Daun, Germany

Reception Report for

Date of reception: 22 April 2007
Time: 13.22 - 14.29 world time UTC
Frequency: 9710 kHz
My receiver: Grundig Satellit 700 + telescopic antenna
Reception ratings: very stable at 55444
Programme Details: Final two or three tracks by one presenter whose name I
did not write down (e.g. "Nobody's perfect"); one-hour show with Chris Bent (I
hope the spelling is correct)
, songs e.g.: song with computer voice, Beatles,
Let the sunshine in, Bulgarian Skin Mechanic, Flies Water (?), High on the
Mountain Top, Donovan, song from 1960s, Backseat of my Car, Devine Comedy,
Drive-by Truckers, Where the Story ends; inbetween announcements, identifications,
info on e-mail address, and frequency.

Date: April 22, 2007
Frequency: 9710kHz
SINPO: 45433
Receiver: SONY SW-ICF 7600GR
Aetenna: telescopic with 20M wire.

Details: At first, played a song by woman......

Comments: I like your music very much. but the time
was a bit short than before. Reception is still a

Hope you will visit China one day, and I will ask you
to Chinese dinner.

Sincerely yours
Zhang ShiFeng    

 ShanDong province,
P. R. China

The signal was coming in strongly here, just with a bit of slight fading, but that was the only cloud on the horizon. It was quite a varied selection of music - something for everyone. My tastes is more Kaiser Chiefs than Cliff Richard so I enjoyed some of the alternative music I heard Chris Bent playing later on.

I often listen to the free radio stations on 48 metres but it is not always easy to hear them as most don't use much power, so it is good to hear stations like yours with a good strong signal on shortwave playing something a bit different.



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