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The legendary weekday lunchtimes in 1993 when John Peel covered for Jakki Brambles...

LISTEN AGAIN - 3 hours 7 minutes of contemporary songs interspersed with "grumpy fax messages" such as "Please Stop". Ever heard John play Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Whitney Houston or George Michael? You will now...

Quality: - FM broadcast recorded on TDK D90 cassettes, encoded at 32kbps stereo for Real Player.

No profit is made from this amateur recording. If the powers that be are offended the recording will be deleted.

Webmaster, Geronimo/Seagull, 7th December 2005

"Half an hour ago I was talking to Radio 4 about the influence of narcotics on popular music and now I'm being Jakki Brambles. Rum old game, life - and you can quote me on that"

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Courtesy of R1
keep the Peel sessions going-just because he ain't here no more doesn't mean the name and music policy cant live on! my fondest memory of him was filling in for Jakki Brambles one afternoon, did he stick to the playlist did he s**te i remember him reading out complaints from afternoon listeners, PURE CLASS!

Does anyone remember the week John sat in for Jakki Brambles on the lunchtime show in 1992? Incredible radio! Like all his shows, in fact! As much as I loved Morcambe, Cobain and Strummer, no other celebrity's death has ever affected me like this. He stopped to mend my Dad's puncture once on a deserted Suffolk B road. When my Dad called at Peel Acres with a bottle of wine, John invited him in for dinner, and never once alluded to his celebrity. Dad, being the conservative he is, took 6 months to realise who John was, but I think today he feels nearly as sad as me. God Bless you, John.

In 1993 Peel took over the lunchtime slot for a week after then-controller Johnny Beerling was challenged by someone at a conference. He'd obviously been told "Look man, we don't want to compromise your show, but remember there will be a different audience listening, and we do have a daytime playlist to follow... just bear that in mind, OK?" First record - "Why Are People Grudgeful?" by The Fall, followed with the obscure reggae original version of the same song. He then continued in the same vein, playing a lot of hard-trance, the odd Beefheart classic and making snide comments about most of the playlist. For instance, the Chris Issak which included the line '...and you can't do a thing to stop me' to which Peel retorted, "Yes I can, mate, I can take your awful CD out of the machine and throw it as far away from this studio as possible." For a brief moment, we thought we'd won. Next week, he was back on the night-shift. Bet off.
SOURCE: radio Cream

John Peel in for Jakki Brambles in 1993
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I LOVED it when John Peel took over the Brambles spot for a week. He was compelled to play the A list, but was somehow allowed to pepper the show with his own selections that were usually found on his nightime show. Hate faxes abound from disgruntled housewives; factory bosses and lorry drivers, but John soldiered on unfazed. I get the feeling, had he done this, in the last couple of years filling in for Jo Whiley or Colin and Edith for example, the reaction would have been different. But maybe that's just me. Enjoy... ...
Source: G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on 4 Jul 2005 21:30:18 GMT

The Mumbler wrote:
How about the marvellous week in April 1993 when he sat in for Jakki Brambles on the Radio 1 lunchtime show? He opened one show, possibly the first, with The Fall's cover of Why Are People Grudgeful? That is in itself dazzling. Mark Lamarr actually paid specific tribute to that week whilst sitting in for Radcliffe the other night. He went on at great length to Mark Radcliffe on the phone about the Brambles stint, demolishing her spectacularly, praising Peel and then playing 50ft Queenie.


John Peel at the helm of the Radio Geronimo Starship



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