Playlist for 12/13th April 2003 (Midnight-0600)   All time shown are BST

Hour no. 1 (6/7 April) Sunday night
Red Flag-Russian Radio
Cream-Doing That Scrapyard Thing
Spocks Beard-Revelation
Nice-Rondo '69
Pendragon-Man Of Nomanic Traits
Karnataka-Heart Of Stone
Talis Kimberley-Archetype Cafe; Soft Grey Glove
Placebo-Protect Me From What I Want

Hour no.2 (7/8 April) Monday night
Five Horse Johnson-Mississippi King
King Crimson-Pictures Of A City; Catfood
Jackson Heights-Catch A Thief
Jethro Tull-Sossity You're A Woman
Jefferson Airplane-The Other Side Of This Life; White Rabbit
Great Society-White Rabbit
Harvey Mandel-Senor Blues
Aphrodites Child-Chakachak

bonus hour (8/9 April) only on Tuesday night
Go back to 1967 - The Who Sell Out, complete with spoof adverts and Big L jingles

Hour no.3 (9/10 April) Wednesday night
King Crimson-Peace
Donovan-To Susan On The West Coast Waiting
Jackyl-I Hate You Bin Laden
Dana Lyons-I'll Go Anywhere To Fight For Oil To Lubricate The Red White And Blue
Steppenwolf-Monster: Suicide America
Neil Young-Keep On Rocking In The Free World
Balls-Fight For My Country
Zombies-Butchers Tale
Lost Horizon-Transdimensional Revelation; Pure
Beach Boys-Friends
Fairfield Parlour-Bordeaux Rose
Todd Rundgren-Can We still Be Friends
Clash-Rock The Casbah
Army Of Lovers-The Day The Gods Help Us All

Hour no.4 & 5 'an attitude problem' (10/11 April) Thursday night
Klaatu-Mister Manson
Joolz-War Of Attrition
Janet Kay-No Easy Walk To Freedom
Human League-Open Your Heart
Captain Beefheart-Ice Cream For Crow
Cake-I Will Survive
Madonna-You'll See
Freiheit-Keeping The Dream Alive
Kylie Minogue-Limbo
Nirvana-You Know You're Right
Lord Sitar-I Can See For Miles
Jeannie C. Riley-Things Go Better With Love
Aphrodites Child-It's 5 O'Clock
Placebo-Without You I'm Nothing
Red Flag-Forgiving Sea
Depeche Mode-Sea Of Sin
T.Rex-Rock On
Guess Who-American Woman
CSN&Y-American Dream
Roy Harper-Solar Wind Sculptures; Life Goes By
Nick Harper-The Sky Goes All The Way Home

The Alternative Sounds Of The 60's
Zombies-Friends Of Mine; Changes
Nancy & Lee-Summer Wine
Traffic-Hope I Never Find Me There

Hour No.6 (4/5 April) Friday night Dutch Music Hour
Hallo Venray-Syreen
Shocking Blue-Oh Lord
Teach In-The Circus Is Coming To Town
Golden Earring-Ce Soir

The Earth & Fire Story narrated by Chris Martin (a personal voyage of discovery)

Birgit-I Know
Supersister-She Was Naked
The Nits-In The Dutch Mountains

Everything ripens at its time... and becomes fruit at its hour...