Playlist for 5/6th April 2003 (Midnight-0600)   All time shown are BST

Hour no. 1 (30/31 March) Sunday night
Red Flag-Russian Radio
Johnny Cash-Personal Jesus
Fleetwood Mac-Peacekeeper
Spocks Beard-All On A Sunday
Kayak-Ruthless Queen
Placebo-Protect Me From What I Want; Bulletproof Cupid; English Summer Rain; Something Rotten
Curtis Mayfield-Pusherman
Karnataka-Heaven Can Wait
Hawkwind-Spirit Of The Age; Quark Strangeness & Charm

April 1st Monday night only Geronimo Pan Am Theater In The Air Jazz special 

Hour no.2 (1/2 April) Tuesday night
Go back to 1967 - The Who Sell Out, complete with spoof adverts and Big L jingles

Hour no.3 (2/3 April) Wednesday night
King Crimson-Peace
Donovan-To Susan On The West Coast Waiting
Jackyl-I Hate You Bin Laden
Dana Lyons-I'll Go Anywhere To Fight For Oil To Lubricate The Red White And Blue
Steppenwolf-Monster: Suicide America
Neil Young-Keep On Rocking In The Free World
Balls-Fight For My Country
Zombies-Butchers Tale
Lost Horizon-Transdimensional Revelation; Pure
Beach Boys-Friends
Fairfield Parlour-Bordeaux Rose
Todd Rundgren-Can We still Be Friends
Clash-Rock The Casbah
Army Of Lovers-The Day The Gods Help Us All

Hour no.4 & 5 (4/5 April) Thursday night
The Enid-Tears Of The Sun
Rick Wakeman-A Little Piece Of Heaven
Celtus-Fade Away
Damian Wilson-Naturally
Damian Wilson-Heavenly Mine
Damian Wilson-Homegrown
Damian Wilson-Adams Child
Damian Wilson-Grow Old With Me
Damian Wilson-She's Like A Fable
Damian Wilson-And You And I (from Yes Tribute album)
Rick Wakeman-Hymn Of Hope
Roy Harper-Solar Wind Sculpture
Damian Wilson-Agony
Karda Estra-The Warmth Of The Sky
Sue Martin-Picture This
Robert Fripp-The Sky Falls
Rupert Parker-Blow The Wind Blow
Damian Wilson-When I Leave This Land

The Alternative Sounds Of The 60's
Chambers Brothers-Love Peace & Happiness
Love Peace Poetry-Canbodian Rock
Forever Amber-I See You As You Used To Be
Tower-In Your Life
Spencer Davis Group-Mr. Second Class
Kinks-I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Barry Ryan-Caroline

Hour No.6 (4/5 April) Friday night Dutch Music Hour
Hallo Venray-Syreen
Shocking Blue-Oh Lord
Teach In-The Circus Is Coming To Town
Golden Earring-Ce Soir

The Earth & Fire Story narrated by Chris Martin (a personal voyage of discovery)

Birgit-I Know
Supersister-She Was Naked
The Nits-In The Dutch Mountains


Everything ripens at its time... and becomes fruit at its hour...