Playlist for 31st May/1st June 2003 (Midnight-0600 Hours numbered from 1- 6 
All time shown are BST

Hour no. 1 (25/26 May) Sunday night @ midnight BST
Bogus Brothers-Violation 15
Red Flag-God Save The Queen
Motels-Only The Lonely
Delfonics-Didn't I Blow Your Mind
Les Reed Orchestra-Man Of Action
Motels-Take The L out of Lover (and it's over)
Broadcast-Still Feels Like Tears
Muse-Citizen Erased
Fischerspooner-The 15th
Baxter-Most Beautiful Girl
Kraftwerk-Expo 2000 (remix 2002)
CSNY-Country Girl
Radiohead-Video Killed The Radio Star


Hour no. 2 (26/27 May) Monday night  @ midnight BST
Beatles rarities - mono mixes; different versions; USA 'Beatles' jingles

Bonus Hour (27/28 May) Tuesday Night only @ midnight BST
Greatest Show On Earth-Real Cool World
Placebo-Bitter End
Genesis-I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe); Firth Of Fifth
Eric Idle-The Galaxy Song
Alexei Sayle-Didn't You Kill My Brother
Vivian Stanshall-The Sailor's Hornpipe
Weezer-Buddy Holly
Gary Walker & The Rain-Spooky
Aerosmith-A Taste Of India
Billy Joel-It's All About Soul

Hour no.3 (28/29 May) Wednesday night @ midnight BST
Cosmic Sounds-Gemini
B52's-Song For A Future Generation
Mountain-Nantucket Sleighride (fill)
Robert Wyatt-Shipbuilding
Leftfield-Open Up (Burn Hollywood Burn)
Red Flag-Nobody's Perfect
Orbital with David Grey-Illuminate
Fischerspooner/Kylie-Come In To My World
Liz Phair-Extraordinary
The Elastik Band-Spazz
Beach Boys-All Summer Long
Cornershop-Norweigan Wood
Beatles-Hello Goodbye

Hour no.4 (29/30 May) Thursday night  @ 1100 BST
The Story So Far...
Part Five, recorded under the influence of Strongbow
(The Aphrodites Child album 666 has this admission on the sleeve
"This work was recorded under the influence of "SAHLEP")

Aphrodites Child, from 666 -The System; Babylon; Loud Loud Loud; The Four Horsemen; The Lamb; The Seventh Seal; Aegian Sea; Seven Trumpets; Altamont
Caravan-Nine Feet Underground     
Klaatu-Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

The Aphrodites Child album 666 has this admission on the sleeve "This work was recorded under the influence of "SAHLEP". See below for an explanation of this, taken from Henk Engelen's excellent website all about 666:
This controversial double album is a concept work based on a book of Costas Ferris.
The album "666" was  ahead of its time and some of the themes were very unusual.
The compositions are more complex than previous works of Aphrodite's Child and there are extended instrumentals and improvisations.

Gerard Fallec was the "Production Co-ordinator". Unfortunately they forgot to note his name on the sleeve.

Argyris (Silver) Koulouris, was part of the first "Aphrodite's Child" formation, but he didn't make it. When Aphrodite's Child left Greece (1968) Argyris joined the army. When they decided to make "666", Lucas said that now they needed a guitar, and so they remembered Argyris and called him especially.

Giorgio Gomelsky was the first manager of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds, as well as the producer of the famous Brian Auger - Julie Driscol record. He was there all the time and he helped a lot.

"This work was recorded under the influence of "SAHLEP".
Sahlep in arabic, salepi in Greek, is an oriental hot, sweet and healthy drink. It has nothing to do with alcohol or any other drugs, but was usually drank by poor people early in the morning, instead of coffee or tea. They wrote this reference, with a Greek sense of humour, meaning "we have better essences, we don't need your drugs".

"The system": the words are: We've got the System, to fuck the System!   It's obviously ironic, as you cannot "fuck" a system by another system! Those lyrics were inspired by Abbie Hoffmann's manifesto "Fuck the System" **.
Irony and sarcasm, are the two keys to understand this peculiar "666"
The above text is all quoted, with permission of Henk Engelen, from:

Hour No. 5 (29/30 May) Thursday Night @ midnight BST
The Story So Far...
Part Six

Klaatu-Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III
Kraftwerk-Neon Lights
Siouxsie & the Banshees-Metal Postcard; Paradise Place
Clash-Tommy Gun
Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen In Love
The The-Heartland
Tom Tom Club-Genius Of love
Grandmaster Flash-The Message
Risan-Eastern Palace
Monsoon-Tomorrow Never Knows
Torch Song-Ode To Billy Joe
Renaissance-Midas Man

Hour No.6 (30/31 May) Friday night Dutch Music Hour @ midnight BST
Bolland & Bolland-The Last Apache
Teach In-Greenpeace

The Earth & Fire Story part 9 introduced by Chris Martin

Kayak-Close To The Fire
Earth & Fire-Tuffy The Cat

Everything ripens at its time... and becomes fruit at its hour...