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This was... Chris Bent (Summer 1971)

on Radio Seagull online every Friday and Saturday, midday and at midnight
 on 1476Khz and various AM frequencies in Netherlands
on CWR 1476Khz Leicestershire every Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening 6.00-8.00pm
1476 WEBCAST: Carillon Wellbeing Radio

25-27 November 2022

with Pat McManus & Andy Stoddart, St Patrick's Day 2022, Wolverhampton


Hour 1
50 years ago: There were 55 new singles released on Friday 10 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 450. Here's a handful that we missed last week...
Pink Fairies-Well Well Well/Hold On  POLYDOR 2059 302
Jimmy Hicks-I'm Mr Big Stuff  LONDON HLU10396
Koko Taylor-Wang Dang Doodle  CHESS 6145 018
Earth Band-Glorified Magnified  PHILIPS 6006 251
Tuesday-Big Mr Little Man  PYE 7N45191

50 years ago: There were 73 new singles released on Friday 17 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 451
Worth-Hey Mr Lonely  EPIC EPC1009
Buffalo Springfield-Rock and Roll Woman  ATLANTIC K10237X (4 track maxi)
Bobbby Hebb-Some Kind Of Magic  PHILIPS 6051 025
Funktion-Dance Of The Clangers  PYE 7N45191
Tremeloes-Blue Suede Tie  CBS 1019

The Tremeloes on 'Lift Off with Ayshea' 13th December 1972
All episodes thought to have been erased long ago..

Silverhead-Rolling With My Baby  PURPLE PUR110
Jon Pertwee-Who Is The Doctor/Pure Mystery  PURPLE PUR111
Rod Stewart-Angel  MERCURY 6052 198 (red label Mercury imports from USA were made of Styrene)
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition-Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town  REPRISE K14206X (4 track maxi)
Hour 2
50 years ago: There were 73 new singles released on Friday 17 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 451
Rod Stewart-What Made Milwaukee Famous  MERCURY 6052 198
Monty Python-Eric the Half a Bee  CHARISMA CB200
Apollo 100-Telstar/Joy  YOUNG BLOOD YB1011
Graham Bell-Too Many People  CHARISMA CB201
The Spoilers-Sad Man's Land  LONDON HLU10399
Blue Haze-Blue Moon  A&M AMS7041
Vaughan Thomas-Giant  JAM 26
Slade-Goodbuy T' Jane  POLYDOR 2058 312
Status Quo-Paper Plane/Softer Ride  VERTIGO 6059 071
Slade-I Won't Let It 'appen 'agen  POLYDOR 2058 312
Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs-  UK 21
Silk-I Won't Last A Day Without You  CBS 1010
Mardi Gras-Girl I've Got Nees For You  BELL 1270
Dads Army Choir-We Stood Alone  COLUMBIA DB8952
Arthur Lowe-How I Won The War  COLUMBIA DB8956
Vinegar Joe-So Long/Rock and Roll Gypsies ISLAND WIP6148
Shadows-FBI  COLUMBIA DB8958
Hour 3
50 years ago: There were 73 new singles released on Friday 17 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 451
Vaughan Thomas-Good Old Sam  JAM 26
Sam Neely-Loving You Just Cost My Mind  CAPITOL CL15736
Richie Havens-Freedom  POLYDOR 2121 117
Jim Croce-Operator (that's not the way I feel)  VERTIGO 6073 251
Polly Brown-I'll Cry My Heart Out For You  PYE 7N45197
Cat Stevens-Can't Keep It In  ISLAND WIP6152
Lindisfarne-Court In The Act  CHARISMA CB199
Little Angels National Folk Ballad of Korea-Mother Of Mine  PHILIPS 6006 257
Jimmy Osmond-Mother Of Mine  MGM 2006 109
Jo Burg Hawk-Orang Otang  CHARISMA CB194 (also released as CB202 on 9 Feb 1973)
Rescue Co No 1-I Stand Alone  JAM 27
Gypsy-You Know Better Than Me  UNITED ARTISTS UP35462
Orphan-Lonely Day  LONDON HLU10398
Incredible String Band-Black Jack Davey  ISLAND WIP6145
Beach Boys-You're So Good To Me  CAPITOL CMS2 (3 track maxi single)
Sam & Dave-Soul Sister Brown Sugar  ATLANTIC K10240X (4 track maxi)
Ike & Tina Turner-Save The Last Dance For Me  A&M AMS7039  (3 track maxi)
Ivy League-Funny How Love Can Be  PYE 7N45200
Peter Paul & Mary-Leaving On A Jetplane  WARNER K16207X (4 track maxi)
Gordon Lightfoot-If You Could Read My Mind  REPRISE K14210X (4 track maxi)
Dawn-What Are You Doing Sunday  BELL MABEL2 (3 track maxi)
Everly Brothers-Kathy's Clown  WARNER K16209X (4 track maxi)

There were several KINNEY group maxi singles released this week.
The New Singles publication fails to show that the catalogue numbers for these 4 track singles ended with an X suffix.
Not played, but still released this week, were maxi singles from Sacha Distel, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, Trini Lopez

Hour 1
50 years ago: There were 69 new singles released on Friday 24 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 452
PC Plod-WPC Hodges  ISLAND WIP6151, matrix WIPX 1226 (reissued in May 1973 with same catalogue number, but different matrix WIPX 1259, credited to John Gorman, Scaffold)
American Jam Band-American Jam  PARLOPHONE R5971
Lou Reed-Walk On The Wild Side  RCA 2303
PC Plod-B Side Yourself With Plod ISLAND WIP6151, matrix WIPX1227 (reissued in May 1973 as 'I Remember' with same catalogue number, but different matrix WIPX 1260 credited to John Gorman, Scaffold)
Lou Reed-Perfect Day  RCA 2303
Smoke-Sugar Man  REGAL ZONOPHONE RZ3071
Sundown Playboys-Valse De Doleil Coucher (sundown waltz)  APPLE 44
Kinks-Celluloid Heroes  (US remix edit promo - UK version in next hour)
EMU-A Friend Like Me  COLUMBIA DB8903
Barron Nights-To The Woods  PENNY FARTHING PEN797
Woolly (Luxembourg & RNI DJ Mark Wesley)-Golden Golden  RCA 2297
Banzai (B side of single was Gary Glitter, A side was a Dutch Band)-No One Can Do It  D'ART ART2021
Looking Glass-Jenny Lynne  EPIC EPC1015
Crowbar-Hey Baby/Dreams  PARAMOUNT PARA3027
Hour 2
50 years ago: There were 69 new singles released on Friday 24 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 452
Otis Redding-Merry Christmas Baby  ATLANTIC K10206
Chairmen Of The Board-I'm On My Way To A Better Place  INVICTUS INV527
Aphrodite's Child-Break  VERTIGO 6032 900
In lieu of The Sandpipers version... Burt Bacharach demo of World Is A Circle
Kinks-Celluloid Heroes  RCA 2299
Kevin Keegan-It Ain't Easy  MAM 89
Weeny Bopper-David Donny & Michael  PYE 7N45203
Sundown Playboys-Saturday Night Special  APPLE 44
Yellow Pages-Dougal  SOVEREIGN SOV114
Aphrodite's Child-Babylon  VERTIGO 6032 900
Barron Nights-Turning My Back On You  PENNY FARTHING PEN797
Watersons-Rubber Band  TRANSATLANTIC BIG507
CMU (Contemporary Music Unit)-Doctor Am I Normal/Heart Of The Sun  BIG508
Atomic Rooster-Save Me (rerecording with Chris Farlowe on vocals)  DAWN DNS1029
Atomic Rooster-Save Me (original title was Friday Thirteenth with Pete French on vocals)
Hour 3
50 years ago: There were 69 new singles released on Friday 24 November 1972
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 452

Grand Funk Railroad-Flight Of The Phoenix  CAPITOL CL15738
Dick Emery-You Awful  PYE 7N45202
John Keating Space Experience-Jesus Christ Superstar  COLUMBIA DB8955
Grand Funk Railroad-Rock and Roll Soul  CAPITOL CL15738
Aces-Be My Baby  RHINO RNO110
Fortunes-Secret Love  CAPITOL CL15739
Supremes and Four Tops-Reach Out and Touch  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG836
Blood Sweat & Tears-Velvet  CBS 1051
John Pantry-Net Of Concern  PHILIPS 6006 250
Peter Skellern-Our Jackie's Getting Married  DECCA F13360
New Christie (sic) Minstrels-Three Wheels On My Wagon  CBS 1022
Steve & Bonnie-Eyes Of Tomorrow  YOUNG BLOOD INTERNATIONAL YB1009
Kinks-Hot Potatoes  RCA 2299
Tim Morgon (Doug McLure)-Take A Look Around ('Trampas Theme' with reference to The Virginian and Alias Smith and Jones on label)  MCA MU1173
Sandy Davis-Best Days Of My Life  UNITED ARTISTS UP35463
Wanda Arletty-Motor Car  COLUMBIA DB8964
Blood Sweat & Tears-Touch Me  CBS 1051

On CWR 1476 only:
Hour 1
51 years ago: There were 73 new singles released on Friday 26 November 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 402 + www.45cat.com
Donovan-Jennifer Juniper  PYE Mini Monster PMM104
Isaac Hayes-Shaft  STAX 2025 064
Donovan-There Is A Mountain  PYE Mini Monster PMM104
Quintessence-Sweet Jesus/You Never Stay The Same  RCA NEON NE1003
John Martyn-May You Never (single only mix)/Just Now  ISLAND WIP6116
John Martyn-May You Never (LP mix)
Leon Russell-A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall  A&M AMS866
Shawn Phillips-A Christmas Song  A&M AMS819
Carly Simon-Anticipation  ELEKTRA K12037
Les Crane-Desiderata  WARNER K16119
Spontaneous Combustion-Lonely Singer/200 Lives  HARVEST HAR5046
Hour 2
51 years ago: There were 73 new singles released on Friday 26 November 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 402 + www.45cat.com
Spontaneous Combustion-Leaving  HARVEST HAR5046
Spontaneous Combustion-'unknown ballad' mistakenly added to 2012 reissue of ELP TARKUS
Southern Comfort-Cosmic Jig  HARVEST HAR5047
John Holt-Paragons Medley  TREASURE ISLAND TI7066
Clarendonians-Seven In One Medley  GREEN DOOR GD4009
Desmond Dekker-Licking Stick  TROJAN TR7847
Blood Sweat & Tears-Lisa Listen To Me  CBS 7576
David Cassidy-Cherish  BELL BLL1189
Van Morrison-Wild Night  WANRNER K16120
Temptations-Ungena Za Ulinwenga (Unite The World)  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG783
Waldo De Los Rios-Rondo A&M AMS872
Johnny Pearson-Sleepy Shores (Owen MD)  PENNY FARTHING PEN778
Kenny & Clarence-Yes We Have No Bananas  CBS 7644
Donovan-Mellow Yellow/Sunshine Superman  PYE Mini Monster PMM104
Marvin Gaye-Save The Children  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG796
Hour 3
51 years ago: There were 73 new singles released on Friday 26 November 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 402 + www.45cat.com
England Dan & John Ford Coley-New Jersey  A&M AMS870
Aretha Franklin-Rock Steady  ATLANTIC 2091 168
Fanny-Charity Ball  REPRISE K14109
Delroy Wilson-Keep Your True Love Strong  JACKPOT JP780
Sketto/Three Sevens-Know Your Friend  BIG SHOT BI596
Sonny and Cher-All I Ever Need Is You/I Got You Babe  MCA MU1145
Yvonne Elliman-Everything's Alright  MCA MKS5077
San Remo Strings-Festival Time  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG795
RB Greaves-Paperback Writer  ATLANTIC 2091 170
BearFoot-Frightened  PYE 7N45110
JJ Band-Somebody Help Me  CBS 7649
Little Richard-Green Power  REPRISE K14124
Little Anthony and the Imperials-Father Father  JANUS 6146 005
Ledbetter Possum-Saturday Morning Saturday Night  FAMOUS FAM128
The Invaders-Got To Go Home  GG GG4527
...one of these days


Nothing on the radio?
Try our 'Way To Blue' mixtape - non stop music, with no chat (2 hours 14minutes)
featuring, not necessarily in this order:
UFO-Treacle People
May Blitz-Smoking The Day Away
Nick Nicely-Hilly Fields 1892
Senor Coconut y su conjunto-Smoke On The Water
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band-Big Eyed Beans From Venus
Rush-One Little Victory/Ceiling Unlimited
U2-Night and Day
Marillion-Market Square Heroes/Three Boats Down From The Candy
Svensk-Dream Magazine
Nick Nicely-49 Cigars
Nick Drake-Way To Blue
Helen Reddy-Angie Baby
Van Halen-Fire In The Hole
Aphrodites Child-Day Of The Fool
Neil Young-A Piece Of Crap
Led Zeppelin-Dancing Days
T Rex-The Motivator (Demo)
The Nice-Azrial revisited/Hang On To a Dream
Emerson Lake & Palmer-Trilogy/Still... You Turn Me On
The Nice-Azrial/Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack
McDonald & Giles-Is She Waiting

**extended podcast only

Giants of Rock, Butlins, Minehead - Sunday 23rd January 2022
Felix Rabin (centre) with (from left) Andy, Vincenzo Capodivento, Chris B and Kathy 
with Les Newman

Jingles and voiceovers
Amy Bargeron

Visit Amy's Studio

(r) = repeat

To paraphrase Eric Morecambe: "We've played all the right songs, but not necessarily in the right order" - Your corrections are always welcome

* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm (and the occasional 33rpm maxi single) recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. Further info here:
Our 'sticky thread' video for 2022: The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds

The sleeve advises: MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See https://www.facebook.com/chris.bent.319

picture restored from a damaged slide


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