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3-5 December 2021: 15 hours to pick from
Dedicated to the memory of Rob Leighton
(Voice Of Peace, Merlin Network One & Imagination Radio)
Rob Leighton on the Ross Revenge, courtesy of


Luther Wright and the Wrongs-Rebuilding The Wall: Is Anybody Out There?
Big Big Train-Victorian Brickwork
Luther Wright and the Wrongs-Rebuilding The Wall: Another Brick In The Wall
Big Big Train-Folklore
Pendragon-The Edge Of The World


Winter In Eden-Stolen Fairytale/At The Edge Of The World
Genesis-Shipwrecked/Alien Afternoon/Uncertain Weather/Calling All Stations
Big Big Train-Master James of St George
Watch-End Of The Road/Wonderland
Hour 3 (extended to almost 4 hours)
 PART 1 PODCAST 2 hours 22 minutes  (r)
Scarlet Rebels-Shattered Dreams/Can I Open My Eyes
Fish-Perfume River
Marillion (live)-Script For A Jester's Tear
Credo-Round and Round
The English Rock Ensemble with Rick Wakeman-The North Plain
Deep Purple-Remission Impossible
followed by...
Rob Leighton's IMAGINATION show first broadcast on Radio Caroline, 3rd January 2008...
PART 2 of the IMAGINATION PODCAST 1 hour 20 minutes  (r)
Rob Leighton plays the complete 666 by Aphrodite's Child
THE NEW SINGLES on Radio Seagull this weekend:
Hour 1
50 years ago: There were 42 new singles released on Friday 10 December 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 404 +
Three Dog Night-An Old Fashioned Love Song  PROBE PRO548
Harry Nilsson-Me And My Arrow  RCA 2080
Don McLean-Empty Chair/American Pie  UNITED ARTISTS UP35323 (withdrawn in January 1972)
Express Delivery-Lazy Butterfly  PHILIPS 6000 041
Nilsson-Are You Sleeping  RCA 2080
Cimmarons-Silent Night  DOWN TOWN DT487
Joan Baez-Let It Be  VANGUARD VAN1002
Moon Rocks-Moon Buggy  DECCA F13261
Rascals-Love Letter/Lucky Day  CBS 7672
Sandy and the Cavaliers-Cavaliers Ragga  DECCA F13261
Zior-Cats Eyes/I Really Do  NEPENTHA 6129 003
John Dummer Band-Medicine Weasel  PHILIPS 6006 176
Sly and the Family Stone-Luv 'n' Haight  EPIC EPC7632
Jimmie Haskell-Zachariah (main theme)  PROBE PRO547
Hour 2
50 years ago: There were 42 new singles released on Friday 10 December 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 404 +
Jimmie Haskell-William Tell Overture  PROBE PRO547
Dobby Dobson-Carry That Weight  DYNAMIC DYN426
Ramases (10cc)-Jesus Come Back/Hello Mister  PHILIPS 6113 003
Murgatroyd Band (a.k.a. Spencer Davis Group)-Twice A Week/Magpie  DECCA F13256
Jackie Edwards-Johnny Gunman  BREAD BR1107
Sly and the Family Stone-Family Affair  EPIC EPC7632
Jimbilin-Human Race/Let Love In  BAMBOO BAM68
Tony Burrows-Hand Me Down/Country Boy  BELL BLL1190
Mountain-Roll Over Beethoven/Crossroader  ISLAN WIP6119
Raw Material-Ride On Pony  RCA NEON NE1002
Delroy Wilson-Peace and Love  JACKPOT JP781
Hour 3
50 years ago: There were 42 new singles released on Friday 10 December 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 404 +
Winston Wright with 3rd and 4th Generation-Example  UPSETTER US378
John Dummer Band-The Endgame  PHILIPS 6006 176
Cimmarons-Holy Christmas  DOWN TOWN DT487
Sequoia-Ballad Of San Andreas  BLUE MOUNTAIN BM1002
Steve Ryder-Remember Me  BLUE MOUNTAIN BM1003
Sequoia-Mississippi Lady  BLUE MOUNTAIN BM1002
De Hems-Baby It's Alright  BLUE MOUNTAIN BM1001
Sydney Elliott-Desperation  CBS 7683
Young Al Capone-Girl Called Clover  GREEN DOOR GD4012
Maytals-Johnny Cool Man  TROJAN TR7849
Steve Ryder-Ain't It Nice  BLUE MOUNTAIN BM1001
Les Reed and Julie Sullivan-How Small We Are, How Little We Know  CHAPTER ONE CH158
Pegasus-Hey Jean Hey Dean  PHILIPS 6003 166
Rad Bryan-Corporal Jones  BIG SHOT BI599
Raw Material-Religion  RCA NEON NE1002
Rod McKuen-The Carols Of Christmas  STATESIDE SS2195**

THE NEW SINGLES on CWR 1476Khz this weekend:
Hour 1
50 years ago: There were 44 new singles released on Friday 3 December 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 403 +
Strawbs-Benedictus  A&M AMS874
Brinsley Schwartz-Funky Angel  LIBERTY LBF15419
Strawbs-Keep The Devil Outside  A&M AMS874
Al Green-Let's Stay Together  LONDON HLU10348
Faces-Stay With Me  WARNER K16136
Don Harper-World Of Sport March  COLUMBIA DB8843 (+ same tune released later by Don Harper's Homo Electronicus)
Frijid Pink-I Lover Her  DERAM DM347
Mary Hopkin-Jefferson/Water Paper and Clay  APPLE 39
Melanie-Some Say (I Got Devil)/Brand New Key  BUDDAH 2011 105
Middle Of The Road-Soley Soley/To Remind Me  RCA 2151
Jose Feliciano-California Dreamin'   RCA 2123
Hour 2
50 years ago: There were 44 new singles released on Friday 3 December 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 403 +
 PODCAST   uncensored
Jose Feliciano-Hi Heel Sneakers   RCA 2123
Ponderosa Twins plus One-You Send Me MOJO 2092 027
The Sensations-Oh My Eli  MCA MK5078
Nancy Sinatra-Flowers In The Rain  REPRISE K14138
Redbone-Maggie  EPIC EPC5326
Poppy Family-No Good To Cry/I'll See You There  DECCA F13258
Carpenters-Ticket To Ride/Saturday  A&M AME601
Coasters-Love Potion no. 9  PARLOPHONE R5931
Dave Dee-Swingy  PHILIPS 6006 180
Flying Banana Band-Mando  CHAPTER ONE CH157
Fresh Maggots-Car Song  FCA 2150
Johnny Rivers-Sea Cruise  UNITED ARTISTS UP35212
Frank Zappa-What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning/Daddy Daddy Daddy  UNITED ARTISTS UP35319
 PODCAST   sanitised for broadcast (Frank Zappa single only)
same playlist as above

Hour 3
50 years ago: There were 44 new singles released on Friday 3 December 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 403 +
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra-Onedin Line  DECCA F13259
Grand Funk Railroad-People Let's Stop The War  CAPITOL CL15705
Bell and Arc-She Belongs To Me/Dawn  CHARISMA CB170
Grand Funk Railroad-Save The Land  CAPITOL CL15705
Jigsaw-Keeping My Head Above Water  PHILIPS 6006 182
Poco-Just For Me And You/Ol' Forgiver  EPIC EPC7631
Brinsley Schwartz-Country Girl  LIBERTY LBF15419
Alvin and the Cash Registers-Twine Time/Twine Awhile  PRESIDENT PT351
Don Nix-Olena  ELEKTRA K12028
Faces-Debris  WARNER K16136
Redbone-New Blue Sermonade  EPIC EPC5326
James Royal-Carolina  CARNABY 6151 002
Fresh Maggots-What Would You Do  RCA 2150
Jack Wild-Punch and Judy  BUDDAH 2011 109
The 'ROCK' show on CWR 1476 only this weekend:
Hour 1
 (r) not broadcast, carried over to 11 December
Ed Dowie-Robot Joy Army
Cobalt Chapel-In Company
Paladin-Anyway/Bad Times
Fox-Pisces Babies
Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds-Cancer (The Moonclhild)
Tyrannosaurus Rex-By The Light Of A Magical Moon
Donovan-The Voyage Of The Moon
Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds-Leo (Lord Of Lights)
Lord Sutch and heavy friends-Flashing Lights
Flashing Lights-Since They Were Crowned/Friends You Learn To Hate
All Jigged Out-Wish Hill

 PODCAST  (r) not broadcast, carried over to 11 December
All Jigged Out-The All Knowing Salmon: McArthur Road/Vauxhall Lasses/Mitton's Set-Golden Eagle: Maid In A Box-Mitton's Breakdown
Celtus-Wide Awake/The Awakening
Golden Earring-Are You Receiving Me
Fox-Patient Tigers/Only You Can
Disturbed-Land Of Confusion
Donovan-The Star/The Owl And The Pussycat
Bridget St John-Catch A Falling Star
Hour 3  PODCAST  (r)
Panic Room-The Great Divide
Cat Stevens-Kitty/Where Are You
Agneiska Swita-Sleepless
Arena-A Crack In The Ice/Pins And Needles/Double Vision
Bonzo Dog Band-Rhinocratic Oaths/Eleven Moustachioed Daughters
Chasing The Monsoon-Chasing The Monsoon
Karnataka-Heaven Can Wait**
Bonzo Dog Band-We Are Normal/Big Shot**
with Les Newman

Jingles and voiceovers
Amy Bargeron

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* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm (and the occasional 33rpm maxi single) recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. Further info here:
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The sleeve advises: MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide

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