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30 Oct - 5 Nov 2021
with Les Newman

Hour 1
50 years ago: There were 66 new singles released on Friday 5 November 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 399 +
Alice Cooper-Under My Wheels  WARNER K16127
Dynamites-Hello Mother  CLANDISC CLA237
Barbra Sreisand-Mother  CBS 7504
Alice Cooper-Desperado  WARNER K16127
Exuma-We Got To Go/Zandoo  MERCURY 6052 112
Persuasions-Thin Line Between Love And Hate  ATLANTIC 2091 164
Curtis Mayfield-We Got To Have Peace/People Get Ready  BUDDAH 2011 101
Haffy's Whisky Sour-Shot In The Head  DERAM DM 345
Janis Joplin-Mover Over  CBS 9136
Haffy's Whisky Sour-Bye Bye Bluebird  DERAM DM 345
Cilla Black-Something Tells Me PARLOPHONE R5924
Hour 2
50 years ago: There were 66 new singles released on Friday 5 November 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 399 +
John Holt-It May Sound Silly  MOODISC HM105
Jason and Gerome-Santa Monica Sunshine  RCA 2132
Sweet-Santa Monica Sunshine (LP track)
Labi Siffre-It Must Be Love  PYE 7N25572
The Wake-Got My Eyes On You/Linda  CARNABY 6151 001
Fabulous Flames-Hi De Ho  CLANDISC CLA237
Gaytones-One Toke Over The Line  HIGH NOTE HS055
Chase-Handbags and Gladrags  EPIC EPC7506
Eastwood & Powell-Beautiful/Opal Blue Sunday  PRESIDENT PT352
Patrick Cargill and the Petticoat Twins-Father Dear Father  HIT HIT16 (Patrick had played 'the new number 2' so we mixed it with Ron Grainer-The Prisoner Arrival Title Music)
Nashville Teens-Ella James  PARLOPHONE R5925
Dennis Alcapone-Horse And Buggy  DYNAMIC DYN421
Everly Brothers-Cathy's Clown  WARNER K16124
Imitations-Walking Up a One Way Street  CRYSTAL CR7013
Hour 3
50 years ago: There were 66 new singles released on Friday 5 November 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 399 +
The Matador-Brixton serenade  BIG SHOT BI594
Three Man Army-What's Your Name/Travelin'  PEGASUS PGS1
Rattles-Devil's On The Loose  DECCA FR13243
Poets-She Blew A Good Thing  UNITED ARTISTS UP35308
Searchers-Love Is Everywhere  RCA 2139
Broken Toys-Broken Toys  POLYDOR 2058 173
Stoneground-You Must Be One Of Us  WARNER K16126
McKendree Spring-Because It's Time  MCA MU1144
Mother Nature-Where Did She Go/Orange Days Purple Nights  B&C CB166
Rose Colored Glass-Mystic Touch/Can't Find The Time  PRESIDENT PT338
Gaytones-Heart Of The Knights  HIGH NOTE HS055
Peacock-Sun Was In Your Eyes  FAMOUS FAM107
Simon Plug and Grimes-I'll Keep Smiling  PRESIDENT PT354
Claggers-Umber Rag  DJM DJS260
Hour 4

Pink Floyd: Echoes, October 1971, HARVEST SHVL 795
Pink Floyd-Embryo
The Mighty Observer-Aros Am Yr Haul
Pink Floyd-Echoes/One Of These Days/A Pillow Of Winds/Fearless/San Tropez/Seamus
Les & Chris recommend seeing these Pink Floyd tracks performed live in 2021/22: of these days

Fields: album was released in October 1971, CBS 69009
side two: Over And Over Again/Feeling Free/Fair Haired Lady/A Place To Lay My Head/The Eagle
Bonus track on CD: Slow Susan (alternate take)

Emerson Lake & Palmer: Pictures At An Exhibition, November 1971, ISLAND HELP1
Pictures At An Exhibition
King Crimson: Islands, December 1971, ISLAND ILPS9175
Ladies Of The Road/Prelude, Song Of The Gulls
King Crimson at Leicester De Montford Hall 18/10/71-collage sent to DGM (Discipline Global Mobile)
Formentera Lady/Sailor's Tale
King Crimson at Leicester De Montford Hall 18/10/71-Islands
King Crimson-The Letters
King Crimson at Leicester De Montford Hall 18/10/71-21st Century Schizoid Man

King Crimson, De Montfort Hall Leicester Monday 18th October 1971

Please read the official DGM review and feedback on this recording:

Chris Bent writes: Now that it is an officially sanctioned release via the King Crimson/DGM website I can acknowledge that it was I who recorded this concert...

16, my first job was with the GPO as a Trainee Technician Apprentice. Eventually we mutated into British Telecom engineers, project managing MOD contracts at USAF bases – now all gone, spyplane runways ripped up, cruise missiles all gone…

So, me on a first training course away from home in Leicester. Only 40 miles from my home town of Peterborough, but for three weeks I might as well have been on the dark side of the moon. What does a young lad do whose all time favourite album had already been Lizard by King Crimson?.

Armed with a Teleton mono tape recorder strategically affixed inside a GPO greatcoat – unbelievably the GPO outfitters accidentally had some fashionable wares for the times. It was bloody hot cocooned in seat A88 on the lefthand balcony of the Leicester De Montfort Hall. Look, that must be Boz! Gosh, so that’s a mellotron! Why is Robert playing his guitar without an amplifier? Why can I hear the singing but not a damn word of Robert’s profound wisdom between songs? Ooh, Formentera Lady… I hope they do Sailor’s Tale with those mellotrons… Must keep still to avoid microphonic rustlings.

This recording was never shared. It was one of only two that I ever made (the other was Jethro Tull at the same venue in 1972) and remained uncirculated - until DGM accepted my cassette and gave it an official release. It filled both sides of a Philips C120. The commercial bootleggers never had this tape.

A restrained respectful audience… apart from the demand for an encore – the reward is sadly missing (tape ran out)

GPO = General Post Office (in 1971 responsible for Postal Services, Telephony & Telegraphy)
MOD = Ministry Of Defence
USAF = United States Air Force
C120 = 120 minute cassette tape



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Amy Bargeron

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The sleeve advises: MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide

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